Kempegowda International Airport – Bangalore is believed to be having third busiest airport in India, having more than 27 million passengers a year and more than 600 airplanes a day. The Bengaluru international is a place turns out 46 domestic flights and 21 international destinations.

The overview of the Bengaluru International Airport:

This brand new airport has been constructed by a private company, and started operating in the year 2008. This airport turns out to replace the old one as well, which was a much smaller airport that was located in another suburb closer to the city. And despite having much more improved facilities, the only issue here is that the airport is located long way from the city.

Bengaluru airport to be the second fastest growing airport, with nearly 30% jump in the air traffic in the second quarter of financial year September 2018. The airport has expanded into two phases. The first one was completed in 2013 and included doubled the size of the airport’s terminal and increased check-in, baggage screening, and immigration facilities. The second phase was started in the year 2015 and involved the construction of a second runway and second terminal to alleviate capacity issues.

Image Courtesy: Bengaluru International Airport

The second terminal is again being built in two phases, where the first one will cater to 25 million additional passengers by the end of 2021, followed a total of 45 million additional passengers by the end of 2030. Once completed, the combined handling capacity of the airport’s two terminals will then actually turn out to be 65-70 million passengers a year. It is also believed terminal 1 will include the domestic flights. Terminal 2 is focused on the environment and sustainability. And we will then create a garden ambiance for flyers.

Image Courtesy: Bengaluru International Airport

The second runway for the Bengaluru international airport will begin by the end of December 2019. And the other developments include implementation of a new airport and the security screening system by the end of 2019. Both  men and women will be screened together. In short they will not have to be lined up done separately. This new process is done in order to reduce the waiting time significantly.

Not just this there are also plans to install sign boards. This will not just predict the amount of time that it will take to reduce for the passengers during immigration.

The Location of Bengaluru International Airport:

From Devanahalli, 40 kilometers (25 miles) north of the city center. And is then connected to the city by driving on the National Highway 7.

The Travel Time to City Center:

Drive to the airport will generally take an hour. But at times can even take up to two hours. It all depends on the traffic and time of day.

Airport Parking:

The airport’s car parking can turn out to hold up around 2,000 vehicles. It has both short-term, over night, and the last but not the least the long-term zones. The visitors will have to pay 90 rupees for up to four hours, and 45 rupees for every additional hour. The actual rates for one day are 300 rupees, and 200 rupees for every other additional day.

Travel Tips Most Important Ones:

The Bengaluru airport often turns out to experience fog from the month of November to February early in the morning. So If you are traveling during this specific period of time. Then do make sure that you are prepared for the unexpected flight delays. Getting a flight to your destination is never an easy job.

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