90’s Icon Carrie Bradshaw Best Looks from The Sex and The City

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The Sex and The City – Fashionista, style icon, we are talking about the iconic 90’s character from The Sex and The City “Carrie Bradshaw”.

Even though you may not be a big fan of the show you must have glims of the show or at least someone must have brought it up in a conversation? Whether the answer is yes or no Carrie Bradshaw is a style icon, fashionista and a writer from New York in the show who made other fashionista looked up to in 90’s tv show.

Just in one Sex and the City season, on an average, the style icon wears about 100 outfit changes, no repetition. This also includes more than 100 pairs of heels and 100 different handbags. She even shops on-camera at least nine times and talks about 30 different brands.

Don’t think about her career and her fashion choices it doesn’t match but still it worth to know the best clothes she wore as a fashionista. It may also inspire you to find you choices among her choices.

Check out the gallery below for the most fantastic looks from “Carrie Bradshaw”

Photo credit: Rex Features and many more

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