8 Things Brides and Groom Always Forget to Do After Their Wedding

The big day has or say the wedding day come and gone. And now it is easy for us to believe that your bridal to do list is now completed. But let me tell you that there are still a few things that have to be done. The tasks can be easily forgotten because you are actually basking in the bliss of the newly wedded bliss. 

One of the things that we hear from the bride’s is how fast everything is being unfolded. And there are a few things that they actually forget it to do. So, consider our blog today as a kind of a warning and once you walk down into the aisle as husband and wife do make sure that you make enough time to check these must does off wedding to do list. Given below are the eight major things that you should do after your wedding.

Taking your parents out:

It is your parents who have spent their money for your wedding making sure each and everything turns out to happen in the right way. So, take them out for a dinner, book movie tickets for them or do anything that will make them happy thanking them for what ever they did on your wedding.

Finalizing the photography:

Brides or say the grooms do forget that there are many decisions that have be to be made apart from their wedding photography. And this is something that actually does not end the moment they have gone ahead and hired someone. Once their gallery is received, they will then decide what works the best and which is the right print.

Writing vendor reviews:

Have your vendors have done a truly spectacular job? Then you should not hesitate to tell it to your family and friends about it. Bride’s do forget about it. But you need to remember that also there is a whole new branch of the engaged couples who are trying to plan their big day.  And they can gain benefits from your experiences. So, do make sure you take it to the internet and leave reviews online as this is something that will be deeply appreciated by the event professionals themselves. 

Changing your last name:

While you don’t have to choose the official name change, many brides who wish to choose the name of their husbands last name is actually one of the things that they forget it to do it.

Having your dress cleaned:

Lot of fun also turns out to happen with your wedding dress. So, do make sure that you have it cleaned professionally and have it kept preserved promptly for the wedding.

Preserving the top tier of the cake:

If you have someone holding on the top tier of the cake while being on your honeymoon, then make sure that you have it picked up immediately and have it placed in the freezer. Cakes are one of those things that do not last for longer period of time, and if you are planning on enjoying it as a tradition on your first wedding anniversary then make sure it gets into the freezer immediately.

Sending out a thank you note:

Lot many brides even today forget to send in a thank you note in their timely fashion. We all live in an instant gratification society. So it is really very important that you have the notes written. And then send it out to all those people whom you wanted to send asap. 

Making all the final payments: 

Brides even today actually forget to pay to their vendors prior to their ceremony.  And this is something that you should be doing it in the right way. And when you know the percentage of couples who actually forget doing all this, then you will be surprised by the number when told about it.

So what other tips would you like to add to the post above. Leave your comments in the section given below and we would be happy to add them to the post above.

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