8 Shocking And Must Known Benefits of Sperm or Semen

Tasting sperm

Semen as we all know is a kind of fluid or say the casing that has been holding a sperm. Sperm is a cell that turns to swim around in the fluid, ultimately trying to reach the egg and then impregnate the female. Apart from the reproductive benefits, semen is quite nutritious and has a bunch of interesting properties. Semen requires all the necessary ingredients to transform the sperm into an egg safely. It requires the nutrients, the antioxidants, and the anti – inflammatory to safeguard the sperm from the female immune response. Through our blog post today we would be covering how we could make use of the semen in order to gain the various health benefits. Let’s have a look at them below.

Semen Helps in making your periods come faster:

Sex is something that can jump start your period. After all its not just about your semen. These things work only when you are turned on and wish t have sex. And when it begins to increase the blood flow in the vaginal area. This then causes the vaginal walls to come in contract with each other. The extra blood recedes after you are all being done and bothered. Your vaginal muscles will relax and this effect is even more intense if you have orgasm.

Semen helps in lowering the blood pressure:

In a recent study conducted in the year 2016 showed swallowing a semen on a regular basis will lower your blood pressure. And women who actually swallow the sperm of their mate during oral sex often turn out to have a lower risk of preeclampsia, a complication during pregnancy that again results in high blood pressure. So, in short semen is helpful in making and birthing of the baby.

Semen helps in preventing cancer:

Studies have shown that semen might help in reducing breast cancer by not less than 50%. The effect is attributed to various proteins, selenium, and TGF beta in semen.

Semen help keeping the infection in Bay:

Semen’s contains many proteins with the potent antimicrobial activities against bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Semen helps in getting a better sleep:

Yes, sure you are worn out of sex, but this is exactly not the reason of why you are sleeping in the night. Semen contains melatonin a chemical that helps in inducing sleep and relaxation. So, whether you digest it, receive it or whether you have an intercourse it enters your blood stream and will then help you doze of better than what the other over counter sleep aids.

Sperm can increase the life span:

Semen is one of those things that include spermidine. Spermidine increases the life span. Sperm also reduces the amount of aging in the yeast, files, and worms.

Semen is anti-anxiety: 

Semen generally includes the anti-anxiety hormones such as the oxytocin and progesterone. Not just this it also has serotonin. Few people even today realize that a strong driving force of anxiety turns out to come from the oxidative stress which is why it goes along with the brain fog and fatigue issues.

Semen is an antidepressant:

In a survey being conducted in the year 2015. 293 women when asked about using condoms during intercourse, found ones who did not use condoms had low levels of depression and better moods. This is actually very surprising.

To swallow or not to swallow. This will always continue to be a question. Swallowing has always been an act of the individuals like most of us especially when it comes to the things like plague. Remember consuming semen does not always have to have some serious kind of health benefits.But is something that goes far behind like a protein shake.

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