8 major signs that he is about to propose you

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Proposals the best surprise in the world. And according to Sarah click who is actually a proposal planner says that it is always considered to be helpful when you are prepared for it. Say for example your partner might say that she wants the perfect manicure in order to go with your perfect and new engagement ring. And if you cannot spot a proposal that is coming you can then go ahead and book that appointment stat. Given below are some of the major signs that your partner is going to propose you. Let’s have a look at them below.

He casually wants to have a look at the rings:

If you guys come up this idea then go ahead and get indulged with him. In short you will actually be giving him a lot more information about what exactly do you want in the ring, and which design is your favorite one.

You catch him being super sneaky:

 Your partner immediately closes the browser when you approach him or he does not want to tell you who was he talking to on the phone with and where was he at. Why?Because he is actually doing a research and planning for the ring and proposal obviously.

When Jewellery Suddenly becomes a thing:

So, your previously disinterested partner suddenly began to drop the diamond chat into some other conversations. And like all the others even you might land up thinking that this is the last thing that any one of us can actually turn out to do. And according to a study conducted by the researchers, 36% of the women are able to get the exact clue. Whether its about commenting on the celebrity couples, or whether it’s about their friend’s ring. Just understand that your partner is all set to propose you. 

Asking questions like what kind of ring you like:

Be really grateful to your partner when he actually goes ahead and asks you about this.This in short means that you are soon going to be getting an engagement ring that you are going to be happy with.

Random people try on the rings on you and ask what size are they:

You need to be really very smart enough at this. And if you are smart then its easy for you to understand this. Your partner will either send your friend or relative to know the size of your ring. They will wish to know the designs you love, what kind of wedding do you wish for etc etc. 

He is being really very tighter on his money:

Who Can afford the tickets to a random sporting event or a new pair of sneakers when there is a ring that you are planning ahead to buy. And then there is an entire wedding that you need to pay for.

You catch him talking to your parents on phone:

He might be asking you for the permission or trying getting his hand on your family before going ahead and giving you the ring. Remember that he is just incredibly thoughtful and are trying to fill things out beforehand.

He has been acting like shifty and nervous:

Any weird kind of changes that you get to see in the behavior while you are with him, say for example general anxiety etc can turn out to be a major sign of impending proposal.

So what other major signs do you think should be added to the post above? Has your partner tried any of the above-mentioned tricks before coming and proposing you? And were you able to recognize any of them? Share your experiences in the comments section given right below we will be happy to hear from you.