7 Unique and Powerful Healing Mantras To Reduce Stress

Relax. This is something that you truly deserve it. Relaxing is really very good for you, and takes less time than what you actually think. And If you just relax let me tell you that you will definitely not require any kind of a spa weekend or retreat. And each of the below given stress relieving tips can actually get you from OMG to OM in less than 15 to 20 minutes.  So, let’s have a look at what these healing Mantras are and how will they actually help in reducing the stress for you.


A few minutes of mediating will actually help in releasing the stress levels out from you. And as per the research studies conducted by the suggest that meditation may alter the neural path of the brain, making you more and more resilient to the stress says the famous and well known psychologist Robbie Maller Hartman, PhD, a Chicago health and wellness coach. So meditate, meditate and just meditate as much as you can in order to feel stress relieved.

Reaching out other individuals:

Your social networks are generally believed to be one of the best tools that you need in order to handle the stress levels. So, do make sure that you at least talk to others, be it face to face or either on the phone. Bring out all those things that are running in your mind as you get a fresh kind of a perspective while keeping your connection really very strong.

Taking a deep breath:

Take a five minutes break from each and everything around and focus on your breathing. So, sit up straight close your hand on your belly, slowly then inhale your through your nose feeling the breath start in your abdomen and continues to work to the top of your roof. Slowly then reverse the process and exhale things through your mouth.

Tuning in into your body:

You will actually have to mentally scan in your body, in order to get the sense of how stress has been affecting your body. So, lie on your back and sit with your feet on the floor and then begin with your toes and work with the way up to your scalp in order to know how your body feels and reacts.

Being present:

Slow down. Take out five minutes of your time and then focus on your only behavior with awareness. Try and notice how the air feels on your face when you are walking and how you have been hitting the ground. Continue to enjoy the texture and the taste of end every bite of the food that you take.

Being grateful:

Have a gratitude journal or several one close to your bed, one in your purse, and one at your work place. This will actually help you remember all the good things you have had in your life.


All you need to do here is place a warm heat wrap around your neck and shoulder for a period of ten minutes. Close your eyes and then relax your face, neck, upper chest and the back muscles. Slowly then have the wrap being removed and then use the tennis ball or a foam roller in order to massage away the tension.

So what other stress free mantras would you like to add to the post above? Have you tried any of the above mentioned mantras while being stressed. How did they work out for you. Leave your comments in the section given below we will be happy to hear from you.