Are you one among those individuals who has been resisting life? Let me tell you that such resistant life is not just futile and exhausting but even turns out to be very painful. So, have a look at the following points and see which one turns out to be true for you. You can then have yourself empowered in order to know how to reignite your flow. Keeping the above said in mind, given here are the 7 signs that shows you are resisting life even today. Let’s have a look at them below.

Forcing things to happen:

When we as individuals are actually pushing things to happen, trust me life turns out to be really very hard. In fact, the modern society conditions us that we must continue fighting for the thing we wish to have and must not stop till we achieve or get them. So, trust yourself and understand that what ever comes will happen in the right time. And   you will be fully expressed in doing things that you love too, enjoying each and every moment related to it.

Looking out for limitations and barriers:

We as individuals sometimes turn out to become conditioned by our belief system and past experiences in order to anticipate what next will happen in life. In fact, even the brains have been wired to look out for all the different kind of evidences that will turn out to support various perspectives. And when we begin looking out for limitations and barriers in our daily life, we will then find them very easily. All that you need to do here is anticipate miracles and magic instead. Then go ahead and shift your perspective in order to be ready for all the happy surprises, along with the instances of the universe that has been leveraging you forward.

Believing that some or the other aspect is wrong:

Right or wrong are those kinds of words that we use in order to label ourselves, the other individual and their experiences. They are meaningless as the concept of right or wrong is something that is completely down the perspective along with the overall context in which we have been viewing it. And if there is something wrong it will then lead us to resist it causing instant unease.

Repeating all the negative experiences:

Changing things in life even today is an opportunity of learning something new. We as individuals do evolve around through these various stages of life. And it is through these stages as we learn and understand what they have taught us. It is these stages that help us step forward as a stronger and wiser person. When we dont take learning on board, we are then being destined to repeat all these negative things again and again.

Accepting your lot:

The natural flow of life is being designed to flourish. And then fly at the potential. Giving up on ourselves and accepting the fact that life can never ever change for us, or we can never ever achieve what we desire goes against this natural flow. All you need to do here is remind yourself daily that my inherit ant nature here is to expand and evolve constantly. I am a creative being and anything is possible over here.

Being rigidly to the opinions:

Remaining stuck with a limited kind of a perspective, and being attached to the various opinions actually prevents you from evolving the understanding of yourself and life. We are constantly being offered with opportunities that help us to be open our minds. In fact even help in expanding our knowledge. But for this we must first accept the invitation to do so.

Avoiding change in each and every cost due to the fear of unknown:

We as individuals are even today happy staying in the comfort zone. We continue thinking that we are away from all the fears and are living a happy life. But this is something that is really not true. Life is something that causes our living on something that is unknown. To dream whatever we wish to dream. Using a mine to imagine and creating new possibilities day by day. Fear does not always have to define your life. So, list out those things that you aspire to be and see. What are the things that have been trying to stop you and achieve it. Then move forward slowly challenging all those fears of the unknown into curiosity as you continue to explore and create.

So what other major signs do you feel show are showing you have been resisting to life. And how have you been dealing with things like these. Leave your comments in the section given right below. We would be happy to hear from you.

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