6 Things That Ruin Your Appearance Making You Look Bad

Is there anything left that we as humans have tried in the name of beauty? No matter how dangerous and uncomfortable it might turn out to be, we have tried the best to get things out of it. But most of the times, we do things to make ourselves look attractive and actually turn out to be the opposite. The only reason behind this is that we forget involving ourselves in one essential truth. We are beautiful in our own way, no matter how we are. But this flowery self-love stuff does not always turn out to work always. Especially when we are actually having a hot date with someone and we begin feeling like a donkey instead of a beautiful human being.

Even today in the name of panic, longing for acceptance and approval we actually land up making some poor decisions. Decisions that will not just ruin our appearances but will also turn out to expose our insecurities. Like all the others yes we might also take some advice, follow some bad trends, and wear things that we actually don’t wish to wear. Not just this. We also let the others down just to lift up ourselves. Yes things can turn out to get ugly. But remember they happen metaphorically and literally. Keeping the above things in mind, Given below are the 9 things that will ruin your appearance making you look the Worse. Lets have a look at them below.

Wearing Wrong Amount of Makeup:

Let me be clear on this. When it comes to the right amount of makeup is how much you actually wish to have it. It is just your face and the only person you should wearing make up is for you. And if you slather on too much just because you actually need it, or you don’t wear them just because you are tired of people coming and telling you that you are wearing them a bit too much, not being true to yourself, authentic self, and there is nothing hotter than someone being true to yourself.

Being A Slave to Trends:

Have you ever come across an uncomfortable kind of a feeling that happens when you are not wearing clothes, and your clothes are wearing you? If there is something that is really very trendy and you are just feeling it then you don’t have to feel it. If there is something that is make you feel uncomfortable and it is a fashion item, then let me tell you that you will not rock it no matter how it actually looks on you. So, if you are confident and wish to look better than forcing out to try a trend then it’s just the clothes that will make you look attractive and not how you pull them off.

Following the fashion rules:

Don’t wear white after the labour day. Don’t wear your brown shoes with the black pants. Instead try and wear a bathing suit with a cover up if you are plus sized. Fashion rules are generally considered to be arbitrary. And I doubt that it will ruin into many people who actually call you out for breaking them. And incase they do then you should be probably checking this out somehow. Think of this. How bad the situation would turn out to be when you wore a one piece and you thought it makes you look attractive. And now this. You would look even more rocking when wore that fatkini and being the belle of beach.

Playing dumb: 

I remember coming across this thing. That boys don’t like girls who are actually smart enough than them. And boys hate girls who are dumb. Let me tell you that this is something that does not really matter. Its obvious that the guys do not exist to get boys to come forward and like you. Dumping yourself does not actually make you look attractive especially to the one who is worth for you. And when you know that you are playing dumb then what you are going for. So just try to be the way you are. If this is something not attractive and not intimidating for person you are dating, then let him go find someone else. And you will find someone who is better than him.

To Conclude:

Try and be something you are. And not for the sake of being more attractive that always turns out to fail. Its always better to embrace the beauty within your true self. So what other things do you feel that the individual land up doing in order to look attractive. What other things do you feel we do thinking it will make us look really attractive but actually turns out to be opposite. Have you come across any such thing? How has the experience turn out to be?? Share your experiences with us in the section given right below we would love to hear from you.