6 things Couples should do first in the morning. Relationship tips.

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Couples should do first in the morning – Waking up next to your love, morning kiss, cuddling with each other, hugs and laughs…a perfect way to start a day with love of your life… But, the reality is far different from this sequence. Sleepy, drowsy eyes, hurry to go to work, dressing up children for school, preparing for the chaotic day ahead—is the morning routine for most of the couples.

Is this common? Yes! Is this healthy? Certainly, no!

Adding a little spice to your morning routine with your partner can do wonders for your relationship. It will not only nurture your relationship with your partner but will also keep you energetic and fresh throughout the day.

Below is the list of things which you can add to your morning routine and make your morning a real good morning

Six things Couples should do first in the morning

  1. Do morning chores together

This one’s not an option, one should do it regularly. If the wife is busy in the kitchen, the husband can make the bed. Sharing the domestic responsibility will bring a lot of happiness in your life. Shared responsibilities are evident of a strong and mature relationship.

  1. Walk, jump and run

May seem like a too-big task. But workout with your partner will make this tough task a lot more enjoyable and smooth. Release your stress and calories together with your partner. This, in turn, will keep your body and relationship both fit and healthy. And, anyway, hashtag ‘fit-couple-goals’ are always a trend, right?

  1. Save some water, shower together!

A refreshing shower after a sweaty workout is a must. SO why not add some romance in this shower time too. Save some time and take a shower together. This will surely make you feel good and fresh throughout the day.

  1. Get ready with good music

A peppy playlist for the morning is another essential for your short morning date. Put up the volume and dress up along with it. Sing and dance a little and get decked up for the day ahead.

  1. Have the first tea together

Why wait for Sunday for having breakfast together? Eating together with your partner will make the breakfast time even more special and filling. You may be running late, but 5 minutes of a healthy romantic breakfast is totally worth the time. Trust us, all this would actually recreate the experience of fresh new love.

  1. Kiss before you leave

Leaving for work in hurry, stressing over the day, is certainly the wrong move to start the day. Spend a good time with your partner doing aforementioned stuff, and bid a special goodbye before you leave. Who would mind an affectionate hug or kiss before stepping out to work? This wouldn’t take more than 30 seconds but will surely multiply the bond in your relationship.

Busy schedules, workloads, all these have no end and will occupy most of your day. But morning which you spent with your partner will keep you happy and cheerful throughout the hectic day. So, just add this to your daily morning routine and keep your love life fresh.

Article Author : Sagrika Mehta