Intimacy is the most important part of any marriage. It is actually through intimacy where the couples create connection and deep bond among themselves that far exceeds than any relationship that any one of us could actually turn out to have. So, it is really very important that we actually go ahead and cultivate intimacy in our relationship being married. In fact, there are many different ways a husband and wife can go ahead and do this. All that it requires here is the time and effort, and if you are very intentional about it trust me your marriage will benefit and grow.

Most of the individuals even today continue to associate the word intimacy with sex. And although intimacy is believed to be an intimate act that a husband and wife can enjoy among themselves, there are still a few ways that you can try and use in order to cultivate intimacy in your marriage. Let’s have a look at them below.

Eating together:

Our fast-paced culture has been successful in filling up every ounce of our time. So, learn to slow down and continue to keep priorities as your priorities. Sit together and enjoy having the meals with your husband. This can even be a simple light lunch and trying to set up the mood by lighting up some candles and setting the table nicely. Remember enjoy life without worrying whats happening around. Enjoy in what ever ways you can. Rather than just being happy while having sex with your husband. Eating together helps in fostering intimacy because it shows your partner that you care, and enjoy the time that is been given and creating an atmosphere of peace.

Having a conversation with each other:

This does not mean talking to one another but means finding a relaxing kind of an atmosphere in order to give quality time communicating with each other. Also make sure that you continue to remain intentional and remove all the distractions around. Have an eye contact, share it with your heart and take time to listen. Things that you can do here include the condition of your marriage, the goals, the issues that you and your partner need to resolve, and the things that god has been teaching you till date.

Praying Together:

Praying together will actually seem to be intimidating especially when you are not comfortable praying out loud. This is actually one of those things that you will get to share with your husband no matter what. So, gather up some kind of a courage and go ahead and pray for your man. Pray for your marriage, family and yes, the future. Praying together helps in building intimacy because you are trying and being explorable not just to your husband but even god at the same time.

Ensuring that it is safe enough to be open:

What if you are a part of the mismatched couple. And have been craving for a deeper level of communicative openness. When compared to your partner who would ever not do so. The comfort levels through verbal sharing increases the practice in an emotionally safe content, so try and work at becoming a non-judgemental listener.

So what other ways do you feel can help in increasing the level of intimacy in a marriage or lust relationship. Does intimacy in marriage really matter. Especially when it comes to a relationship? And is intimacy in marriage just about sex? Or is it something above sex. Leave your comments in the section given right below. And we will be happy to hear from you.

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