Between all the excitement anticipation and the jitters, it is easy for both the bride and the groom to get distracted on the night before their wedding. You hopefully have all the major to dos crossed off the list but still there are a few little things that have to be remembered. Given below are the five most important things that you should definitely not forget the night before your wedding. Let’s have a look at them below.

Pack for your honeymoon:

This is something that should be done the day before your big day. Or a night prior when you are planning to leave for the vacation. After all sex is something that not all the individuals will prefer to have on their wedding night. Plus, this is something that will give you the extra time to remember all the last-minute items that you still wish to pack.

Getting your wedding dress set:

This should be done in advance and prior to the wedding. And incase you have forgetten, you can still do it a night before the wedding. So don’t forget to hang up your pressed dress so that its all set to go. And lay out all those you actually need in the morning along with your undergarments, jewellery, and shoes.

Submitting your marriage licence:

Make sure that you do not land up being like all those individuals who forgets the marriage licence on the big day. So instead try and give it to the officiant at the rehearsal, and if this is something that is not possible give the best man or maid of honour so that they can actually bring it along with them to the ceremony location.

Having your vendor tips ready:

Have all your vendor tips kept ready the night before the wedding, placing them in the labelled envelopes. Then you can go ahead and pass them to the best man, maid of honour and the last but not the least one of your parents the next day. This will actually turn out to make the entire process much easier and smoother. Rather than actually rummaging through the wall of your purse or wallet on the wedding day.

Getting plenty enough of sleep:

Pre – wedding jitters are one among those things that are totally understandable. And this is something that should definetly not come in the way of how much sleep you are getting in the night before the wedding. So Sleep, sleep and just sleep.

So what other things do you feel that the bride and the groom need to remember and do the night before their wedding especially when it comes to couple photography. Have you completed your tasks. Have you forgotten to do anything. If yes how has the entire experience turn out to be. Share your experiences with us in the section given below. We would love to hear from you.

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