5 reasons you can’t commit to a relationship – Commitment in relationship.

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Commitment in relationship. The top 5 reasons you can’t commit to a relationship is here. ‘Constant’, another name for the partner we commit to.

It’s not only a synonym for our love partner but also implies their constant presence in our life. Such a precious feeling, isn’t it? But, this ‘constant’ thing sometimes scares as well. The fact is that we have to be committed to someone for life.

We love being around them, spending time with them, but when it comes to give commitment, we become unsure. In spite of knowing that they are the perfect one, still the word ‘commitment’ horrifies us.

As a result, we begin to doubt the two of us together or become unsure of them as our partner. Actually, the problem lies in our commitment phobia and not in our partner.

Why? What is it that scares us? Here are 5 reasons why we become hesitant of commitment:

  1. Afraid of the word ‘forever’.

 People in love feel and say ‘I love you, forever’. But we sometimes think, will this forever last? Will we be able to love them or will they be with us always? What if either of falls out of love and leaves the other one heartbroken? The thoughts are indeed scary. The dynamic of love brings the hesitation in our mind.

It’s difficult to be in love constantly. We become unsure if this ‘forever’ thing will last, and what will happen if it doesn’t.

The answer is, when we don’t fear of death while living, why should we fear of the end while being in a relationship? Answer for yourself.

  1. Afraid if there’s someone better.

 We always think of finding something better while we are shopping. In this hope of finding better, we sometimes lose the ‘right’ thing. Similar is the case with relationships. We get thoughts of finding someone better, may at the new workplace or on internet. All these thoughts are not actually related to the compatibility between the two, but merely the commitment phobia.

You’ll be equally unsure about the commitment, even if you actually find someone better. Therefore, just realize the good reasons why you both are together and be sure of each other.

  1. Afraid if they will change.

 We all witness around us how people and their love changes after months/years of relationship. It is quite normal actually. People begin to know each other more and their behavior changes, for good or bad. This scares us sometimes. Our partner would change, they’ll not love us anymore, etc.

However, you should not forget that person changes by time and not with the relationship age. The more you’ll get closer to a person, the more you’ll learn about them. And, this is indeed important as well as obvious.

  1. Afraid of other relationship stories

 We hear about others’ relationship tales every day. Someone got cheated, someone got heartbroken and what not. We begin to think that every relationship has such bad phases only. We begin to fear the similar sad endings for our relationship as well.

But, before you think of relationship as synonym to broken hearts, understand that it doesn’t happen to everyone. Sometimes it’s the destiny or two wrong people trying to dwell a relationship. If you think that similar result would happen to you, may be because you are unsure of your partner.

Become sure that your partner will not recreate other’s relationship pattern with you. And, then eliminate the commitment phobia from your mind, and take a step forward.

  1. Afraid of unable to invest the required efforts

 We all know what it takes to sustain a relationship. It is a mix of loyalty, devotion, time and efforts. We become hesitant if we’ll be able to put in the required investment. We think that we won’t be able to focus on our career if we enter a relationship. We realize that our routine schedules won’t have space for someone else.

Your thoughts are normal and true to some extent. A relationship will truly change your life. But, a mature relationship will change it for something better. Your partner will not disturb your schedule, rather organize it. All it takes that you should be with the right person. Don’t let the commitment hesitation ruin your upcoming better life.

The bottom line is, commitment is a responsibility, being responsible of each other. But, we forget that in a relationship, like everything else, this responsibility too is shared between the two. You are not alone handling this. So take the step forward, gift your partner the commitment they deserve. Remember, not to lose the right one just because of some temporary hesitations.