5 Major Tips For Building Your Brand On Instagram


If you are really reading the blog on building your brand on Instagram, then I am sure you are really very serious about it. With more than 800 million of users being located worldwide, Instagram is no longer an optional but a must in your digital arsenal. Plus, Instagram is believed to be having highest engagement when compared to the other social networking platforms.

And since this is a platform that has changed so much from the year 2015, 16 and 17, it is obvious that you will wish to know what’s working and what is not, along with what is trending. Given below are some of the major steps that you need to follow in order to build your brand on Instagram account. Let’s have a look at them in detail right away.

Developing your Instagram strategy: 

The very first step of developing your brand is by having the right strategy being set. Having the right strategy helps the member in the team know how the brand has to be represented. By making use of social networking sites without having any kind of a strategy is just like a futile exercise. You will actually land up wasting a lot of time and resources without having any kind of returns. The goals of your Instagram strategy must easily align with the overall digital marketing goals of your brand. This makes it easy enough to building your brand on Instagram.

Finding the right marketing audience: 

Instagram actually is one of those platforms that helps you understand who your marketing audience is. So, if you are among those individuals who are completely new to Instagram and are looking out for your marketing audiences then do make sure that you know this. These followers are also with your competitors. So, the simplest strategy that you can try and use here is to follow all the followers of your competitors with a hope that even they might follow you. Use the social networking tools to understand what is being spoken about your brand and where.

Doing a competitive research:

It is really very important that you know what your competitors are actually up to on Instagram. It actually pays to know their goals and strategies. Dont forget that you are also targeting the same competitor on Instagram. The same person who you ate following might be following your competitors as well. You need to find out and know which post of your competitor has been getting the most traction. Which posts has been successful in gaining enough engagement etc.

Planning your content strategy:

Have some tests done to find out what kind of content has been successful in driving conversions. You can try and use a similar kind of a content in order to move towards your marketing goals. So, all that you can do here is design a content calendar, establish a tone of your brand, having your own unique style. You need to experiment with your post timings as well. You also need to understand and know what time your followers are active on Instagram, Responsive, and scheduling your posts actively.

Hiring talented photographers:

Instagram is a visual medium. So, the quality of your posts has to be on the top notch. And not everyone is blessed with the artistic sensibilities creating posts that will resonate with the Instagram users. For this you need to go ahead and hire some of the best talented photographers and other creative people who will actually craft the kind of posts your product and the brands actually deserves. This will help you build your brand on Instagram.

So what other strategies would you like to add to the blog post above for building your brand on Instagram. Have you tried any of the above-mentioned strategies in order to building up your brand on Instagram? How have things actually turned out to work for you. Leave your comments in the section given right below.

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