Virginity means different things to different people. For me, it is your first sexual experience that you share with your loved one. It might even be considered as a process of getting over it or something tats like a big deal for you. In fact, most of them say that losing your virginity means having the penis in vagina sex, or any kind of an intimate sexual activity that you have had with your partner.

And there is no universal consensus on what sex is all about after all the concept of virginity itself is a very much heterosexual one and things may or may not apply to you. So rather than actually going ahead and thinking what virginity is all about just try and keep two things in mind.

  • One is protecting yourself from the sexually transmitted diseases.
  • The second one is you feel safe with your partner.

Given below are the five major tips for all those individuals who are having sex for the very first time.

  1. Making sure that you are ready:

Having yourself engaged in any kind of a sexual activity should be avoided when you are not ready for it, or your partner has been requesting you for it.  And If you really need help in order to know that you are ready to have it or not have a talk with someone who is really very close to you, be it your friend or your family doctor in order to gain the answer for all those questions running in your mind.

  1. Understanding that sex does not hurt:

Most women even today continue to believe that the first time they have sex it will turn out to be really very painful no matter what. But let me tell you that this might be true for a few of them and might not be true for the others. Yes having sex for the first time might turn out to be a bit uncomfortable and awkward but not painful like it has been told or represented.

In fact, I have come across many women who say that when their partner inserted for the very first time it felt like he was hitting the wall brick and still continued to enjoy it. Women who feel that sex is painful when doing it for the first time can try and use lubrication in order to make things happen.

  1. Line up your protection before moving down:

Before you and your partner get busy in doing things it’s always good what protection you would be taking and then making sure that you use it. Though this is something that might sound like a total buzz kill but let me tell you that this is totally the opposite. When you know that you are safe from STI and unplanned pregnancy you can then relax and continue to enjoy the amazing kind of an experience without even worrying about it.

  1. Buying condoms and keeping them ready no matter even if you are women:

It’s always good when you double up on your protection, be it contraceptive pills or the condoms. The reason behind this is that birth control pills will protect you just against the unplanned pregnancy and not STI. And if your man starts moaning then do not allow him to change your mind no matter what he says.

In fact, there are a wide variety of condoms available in the market so you can go ahead and choose something of his choice, something that suits him and does not lead him with any kind of an issue.

  1. You can stop any time you want to:

Consent is never something that is permanent. In fact, this is something that you choose to give each other through the sexual experiences. So if you agree to have sex and you change your mind beforehand its ok and there is no problem with it. It’s even ok if you have changed your mind during the foreplay.

It’s ok if you have changed your mind while having sex. And if you have your partner getting angry for any of the above-mentioned reasons then you should first find out if he or she respects your feelings or not.

So are you ready? I am sure you must be dam excited. But I hope you are also prepared with the right thing. Sort out the contraception between you and your partner making sure that you both are healthy and posing to any kind of a risk.

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