Once you dream that your wedding has come to an end reality begins to set in as you begin your life together as husband and wife. While many of us even today continue to believe that we spend the very first year of the marriage in a status of newly wedded bliss, those first 365 days can turn out to be an adjustment period. Starting from the finances to all the financial issues there is a lot for you to take on when you join your lives together, and its really not a very big deal for you to feel a bit overwhelmed and less than lovely dove as you navigate the first year of your marriage. Given below are the 5 major mistakes the couples turn out to make in the first year of their marriage.

Thinking the other person will change:

For the most part people actually do not change and most quirks or issues turn out to become more and more pronounced with age. You will actually need to accept a few individuals with whatever they are actually today, and if they change this is something that is really very great and if they don’t you do know what you have to do.

Putting too much of emphasis on the wedding:

Even if the honeymoon period is over there are a still few little things that have to be completed, say for example writing a thank you note and then putting them in the album. Make sure that your relationship here is in the centre stage. There has been so much of excitement so you can continue to focus on them as a couple and then what next. Most of the times even when you have the wedding completed the lack of excitement can actually leave the couple feeling deflated leaving a huge negative kind of impact on their relationship.

Not talking about Money after marriage:

We all know that this is just a taboo and nothing else.  Still it is important to know what all debts does your partner have? What assets do they have ? And how have they been managing till date. Remember your financial lives are now intertwined. So its good when you are honest and deal with all the money problems together rather than waiting for things to go out of control.

Believing that each and everything is perfect:

People think you should be romantically in love and on cloud nine, but marriage is something that does not seem to work in the same way anymore. People are staying together for some or the reason. Before they actually get married to their co – habitant and say I do. When the newly married couples put a lot of pressure on themselves to continue being in the honeymoon phase for a longer period of time, it might just lead them with disappointments when they are not working in the way they should have been working.

Forgetting the small gestures that go long way:

It is all these simple and silly gestures that will continue to keep you attracted towards your partner. It is your partner who remembers that you like coffee with almond, and you make sure to pick up their favourite breakfast when you go ahead and spot it. Though these are things that might seem to be trivial as you begin to look to invest in your home, possible moving or attempting to start a new family the lawyers would still continue to argue that even this small little stuff turns out to become stressful at times.

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