5 Important Rules You Need To Follow For A Better Life

rules for happy life

In order to lead a happy life it is important that we think of ourselves. We need to stop thinking what the others have to say about us. We need to stop thinking what the others think of us. Today blog post is on the five important rules for a happy life that we need to follow to lead a happy life. Lets have a look at them right below.

What other people think of you:

This is something that is none of your business. You should never assume or guess in life or negotiation. The reason behind this is that you don’t know what your counterpart is actually thinking about you. And because they are afraid of you, they turn out to become aggressive. You might even come across the situation where your opponent might feel stronger and but still continues to act humble. Don’t focus on the other opinions that are told about you. Because you never know why they might in some or the other way be wrong.

Making Peace with your past:

This is one of those things that you should definitely not miss to do so that it does not disturb your past. Avoid creating enemies. Try and work in a smartnership making sure that your opponents are successful and you help them in order to help you out. And in case you are being forced into some zero-sum game, be certain that you will definetly win no matter what. Also make sure you are ready to pay the price and prepare for revenge from the opponent. Remember not everyone can love us but dealing with the enemies require the right resources and energy.

Dont compare your life with the others:

You should never ever compare your life with the other individuals. You never know what their journey is all about. Stop worrying why the opponent has made the decision that they should not have made. Also, don’t guess or assume why they say or do things in a certain way. Your life is not about them. Studies have shown that we are around more than 6 billion of people on this wonderful planet called as the Earth having different lives. What creates value for you and makes sense in the world, not necessary will make sense for the other individual living in the same world.

Smile you are not the only one to have problems in the entire world:

It’s always good when you try and stay positive in life no matter what. In short, the stars, the oceans, the new territories were never found by individuals who were negative in life. So, believe in yourself and your opponents. Do the same what you expected the other to do for you in negotiations as well as in life. Any demand or requests that raise to your counterpart – think of how you can react to it if your counterpart demanded or requests the same to you.

No one is in charge of your happiness:

Yes, you have read this right. No one is in charge of your happiness other than you. Don’t complain about what your opponent has been doing and in what way it has been bothering you. They will never do any such thing that you will actually accept them to do. You can never feel less worthy, less happy, less important, or less successful because of the opponent. This is something that is based in yourself. No one is actually the in charge of your feelings other than you yourself.

So have you tried any of the rules for a happy life mentioned above? Share your experiences with us. We would love to hear from you.

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