5 Different Ways You Can Use To Motivate And Impress Your Husband

Motivate and impress your husband

Love your wife and she will then turn out to be your biggest fan. The key here is to make this one sentence. And then back it with consistent actions and behaviours that say I believe you. I am all yours.  And the last but not the least I am in your corner and I feel you are the best of best. No matter how things might turn out to be now or in the future we do wish to make things very clear to our husbands, that we are here for them, for them and we do believe in them no matter what. Given below are the five different ways you can try to become the biggest fan of your husband. Or say motivate and impress your husband.

Speaking appreciation into him:

Imagine your husband like a water pitcher. Speaking appreciation into the ears of your husband ears actually fills up his male spirit just in the way the water has been filling up the picture. Speaking appreciation is again all about verbalizing to him. In short it shows that you have actually appreciated him. And what ever you appreciate about him is about his character and not the actions.

Saying thankful and why thankful:

Men turn out to be weird when they are desired to be our super heroes. So, the actual days of being the slaying dragons may be gone but the opportunity to fulfill on the simpler feats continues to exist. I had recently requested my husband to change the light bulb of our husband. Yes, this did require a reminder on the second day but he did get that changed. I then thanked him for whatever he did. This makes me feel secured. Makes me feel happy that he is always with me when required.

Seeing him with a new eye:

Seeing your husband with the new eyes would actually first require asking myself a question: What is that one thing I am really upset about? And do I need to apologize that sometime it is my mistake and I might be wrong when it comes to a few things. Any of the above-mentioned things will actually will encourage you and your partner to support an inner attitude readjustment instead of carrying out the grudges who is right or wrong.

Affirm Him:

Back in high school when it came to me or other girls in the group in the basketball team in order to make a free thrown, the cheer leaders would then chant you can do it, you can do it, and they continue to clap their hands to the beat. We can also take these same words and continue to apply them to being the biggest fan of the husband.

Notes, Notes and Notes:

Notes are a  greater process. Because this is something that easily get stick to a smoother kind of a surface. Say for example the bathroom or the refrigerator. Or say a few places on the dashboard of the car.  Or even your dressing drawer. These are things that are really very impactful. In fact, the post it notes in the bathroom right now reads smile your wife thinks the world of you. This is one of the best way to motivate or impress your husband. And helps in building intimacy in your marriage.

So what other ways do you feel that you can try and use in order to be the biggest fan of your husband. Or you can use to motivate and impress your husband. Have you tried any of the above-mentioned strategies? If yes, how has your experience turn out to be while using the above mentioned 5 strategies? Leave your comments below and we will be happy to hear from you.