5 beautiful lingerie that would help you turn him on


Having the right kind of lingerie can always turn out to make the foreplay game better. Starting from the lacy to the padded bras not just in black but even in the various bright kind of colors may help pique your man interest and arouse you for infinity. Given below are the five types of lingerie that you must not hesitate according to your personality type in order to turn him on.

Silky and Sinuous:

Bring out the most elegant and sophisticated side, through the silk gowns and the gossamer like robes that help in accentuate the curves efficiently and making your man curve each and every inch inside you. The barely there the amount of cleavage show followed by your body and covered in an extremely sexy kind of a gown, does the right trick of getting him to desire your body as it continues to lay there in those thin layers of clothes.

Lacing it up:

If you have a personality that falls into extremely bubbly kind of category. Remember that your man will actually bring out the best of that side in you while being on bed. Nothing such would actually appeal him when compared to watching you being scantily wrapped in the lacy lingerie all being set for the sessions to come.

Imprinting Prints: 

Starting from the wild leopard prints to the feminine hearts and the classy checks, the printed lingerie is generally believed to be extremely fun to play with and wear. All you need to do here is push ups or padded, both offer the customers with panoply of sensuous prints which would then you and your partner to ramp up your game when it comes to foreplay. Tigresses in the bed can opt for the bolder kinds of print. However, dont feel to do any kind of an experiment. Padded bras are one of the best things you can try and use in accentuating your assets.

Sporty and fun:

If you are not among the extremely girlie kinds of a women. Then this sporty look will actually suit you really very well. Bold and beautiful you will surely be able to captivate him your confidence and the charm. Moreover comfort comes out to be really very handy with the lingerie. In turn providing you an absolute win kind of a situation.

It’s all about the strings:

Planning for an exciting role play in the night. Then look no further than a corset and the G-string set of a lingerie. Trust me this is something that looks playful, vampy, and sexy. I ensure your mom will turn on to the bits. And it will be a heated session for your next hot sex.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and continue flaunting your body in front of your man whom you always wanted to. Man, him go weak by falling at your knees watching you in a sexy kind of an avatar. Go ahead and be naughty exercising each and every tip that has been given above.