25 Self Care Ideas To Motivate Yourself When Bad Day Strikes

We as individuals never know when will a bad day strike. So, it’s really very good when you know and are aware of  of few self-care ideas that will pull you up and make things. In short its good when you have some strategies in your mind that you can use when a bad day strikes up. These ideas will not just continue keeping you motivated but will also continue to keep you cheerful the entire day. Keeping the above things in mind given here are the 25 major self-care ideas that you can use to deal with a bad day and time. Feel free to book mark our blog for further references and doubts. So what are we waiting for let’s have a look at them one by one right below.

  • Having a bubble bath. You can also make some homemade bath bombs or say a dry sugar scrub for a fun DIY self-project.
  • Reading out some really very good book. 
  • Looking out for some women magazines.
  • Putting some make up and pampering yourself
  • Having solo dance party
  • Listening to some of the best songs while you are in depression
  • Watching a movie when you are feeling anxiety.
  • Checking out some personal development book
  • Listing out all those things that you have been greatful for. 
  • Try out a guided meditation.
  • Doing some Yoga
  • Playing a board game.
  • Watching the clouds.
  • Stargaze outside.
  • Take three deep breaths. 
  • Un-follow all the negative kind of people you know on social media. 
  • Unplugging your self from social media for a day or two.
  • Doing a leg up pose yoga pose. All you need to do here is just lie down on the floor. that is right next to the wall and then have your legs being put up vertically on the wall.
  • Taking a cat nap relaxing your self.
  • Watching out all the funny movies or TV shows.
  • Wearing your pajamas all the day. 
  • Saying all the positive affirmations again and again.
  • Getting dressed for no reason. 
  • Playing with your pet.
  • Doing some journal.
  • De-clutter all the waste things from your home. 
  • Drinking a glass of water and keeping yourself hydrated

So which one among the 25 mentioned self care ideas are you going to go ahead and try. What other self care ideas do you feel can be added to the post above. Leave your comments in the section given below. We will be happy to hear from you.