20 Business Ideas for a Regular Income during pandemic with 5 most popular Ones

20 Business Ideas for a Regular Income during lockdown with 5 most popular Ones

Were you laid off in a job due to COVID 19 or otherwise? Thinking of establishing your identity for a regular income, but don’t know what to start with?

 As we began to face the lockdown in lieu of COVID-19, has certainly led to a boom in online startups in the last few months.

No matter what skill you possess, any of these mind-blowing ideas can change your life forever for you to establish your own identity.

Here we are with 5 most popular and 20 trending business ideas that existed earlier but saw an increased inclination during the lockdowns.

Top 5 business ideas that became most popular

  • Freelancing

Earn while working from home. Can you write or design well? If yes, use your skill to your advantage by freelancing as content-writer, graphic designer, etc.

Signing-up with communities for content writers, like Upwork or Freelancer can help you build your client base with a good inflow of money with least or no investment at all.

  • Blogging

Blogging is another business idea for you to write your content for your website, get ranked on Google, and paid for the traffic on your website or blog through various ads placed on your blog by Google itself. Blogger is one such platform that offers you to create a free blog with predesigned themes available. Your content needs to be catchy and meeting Google guidelines.

  • Vlogging or Youtuber

Whether you have a personality to face the camera or not, well, Vlogging pays you based on views you get on your videos. More the viewers and bar of your earnings continue to rise.

You can Vlog from travel, fashion, fitness, food, home remedies, games, etc. Get started with an area of your interest and sky is the limit. YouTube Streaming also fetches good money on the basis of the number of viewers.

  • Web Development

If you are a professional into website development, all you need is to advertise your services, get hired by people who want their websites to be built, and continue to earn.

  • Teaching or Tuitions Online

If teaching interests you, parents are ready to pay. Sign-up on portals like UrbanPro makes continuous earnings.

Parents need professionals to teach their kids for school syllabus or preparing them for examinations. Online Classes are the new normal.

Pro-tip: Foreign-language experts are in demand.

15 other ideas to survive through lockdown or economic crisis

  • Digital Marketing
  • Fitness Training
  • Accounting
  • Fashion Online
  • On-Demand Printing
  • Become a Social-worker – A Non-Profit Organization
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Bake-at-Home to earn
  • Interior Designing
  • Astrology or Tarot Reading
  • Photography
  • Consulting – Business or Career
  • Network Marketing
  • Home-cooked Food/Tiffin
  • Beauty-at-home


While you witnessed the 5 most popular business ideas during the lockdown and reviewed 15 others that are trending for people to generate good income while they work from home. Remember, any business idea needs time to flourish and dedication.

Get started to look back never!