14 tips to get her wild-and-wet during sex. 14 great tips for men.

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Sex – Get her wild and wet.

Good sex is not a privilege; it’s a right. Stimulating and gratifying sex is incomparable to any other emotion one can have. The right person, the right time and the right moves can give you experience (orgasm) of a lifetime. But, what would make it all so perfect? We know the necessary things but what is it that lays the ground for the best sexual experience. Below are a few sex mantras to make your partner go ‘Oh! Yes’:

  1. Go for morning sex or afternoon delight

While most nights are meant to have sex, the morning one is incomparable. Men’s testosterone levels peak in the morning, and so is their energy and mood. Whereas most women ovulate in the afternoon, and that’s why weekend afternoon sex is another delight to sex hormones.

  1. Set the right mood

Be it with the perfect lights, an erotic scent of candles, good music, or a neat room (yes, that is important). If you know your partner’s fantasies, prepare the place according to it.

  1. Grab the waist

After you’ve hugged her tight, take your arms down and touch her waist (under the top, apparently). Most women have their waist as their delicate point, touching which immediately induces the sexual feelings and brings out the semen.

  1. Untie the hair

A commonly known fact, open hair of a girl is arousing for most men. It becomes even stronger when he unties the hair. Also for the girl, untying the hair relaxes her. In fact, many women enjoy when their hair is being pulled (lightly) or played with during sex.

  1. Lick the lips

Do we need an explanation here? Lips are where it all starts from. Bring your lips closer to her’s. Don’t remove your hand from her hair, play along and kiss her gently and then go wild.

  1. Kiss the cheeks

Kissing and licking the cheeks is not only a loving gesture but also a soft boost to her pleasure. Not many men know, what feeling touching the cheeks can bring to women. It’s not just a surprising move but erotic too.

  1. Ah! the ears

Most women will agree to this. Warm breath of her man touches her ears, the push to her sexual desire is undeniable. While you do so, slowly take your tongue out and let her have the uncontrollable urge for you while you lick her ears.

  1. Touch the neck

Experts believe that the nape of her neck or throat is the most sensual part of a woman’s body. The soft touch of hands and gentle licking by the tongue, all the way takes a woman closer to ecstasy.

  1. Start from the top

She has got wild enough. It’s time to open up her buttons and touch the ‘heaven.’ While you remove her top, don’t lose the physical contact. Kiss and lick her again, roll your hands all over her body to make her feel comfortable and inflate her erogenous desires.

  1. Hold the two

Breasts offer women an entirely separate erogenous zone for enjoyment, and men too. Hold her breasts and nibble on her nipples. Start with your moves, shape your two fingers in V, and scissor it around her boobies. Not to mention, use your tongue wisely.

  1. Throw off the jeans

As you go down her body, feel her stomach, kiss her belly button, unleash your wild side and pull-out her bottoms (everything). Touch and massage her thighs and the back of her knee. See her getting the goose bumps and biting her lip as you gently feel her inner thighs.

  1. Experiment with toys

Take a step ahead and try sex toys. This experiment will just “drug’ her into the steamiest mood. Introduce new accompaniments to your sexual activity, the variation (and vibrations) will altogether enhance your sexual mood and bond too.

  1. Don’t miss the foreplay

Sex isn’t a race. Take time to love your partner before you reach the climax. Not only it will induce more desire but also tell you what your partner enjoys the most. When you find that point, ‘optimise’ it to the fullest.

  1. ‘O’ yes it’s the climax.

Don’t just begin with usual in-and-out, a variety of sensation is vital! Push her against the wall, hold her one leg above and use your penis and fingers simultaneously around her vaginal area. Get back to the bed, intensify her O by stretching her legs straight out. Time for ‘you’ to dive in!