10 ways to deal with a breakup in your relationship

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Goodbyes are always painful. Even more, when you have to bid goodbye to a relationship in which you have put your mind, body and soul. Alas, there is no magic pill to remove the pain but there is indeed a systematic coping mechanism can help you to recover from it.

Here are a few tips to make you after a heart-wrenching, soul-crushing breakup much easier-

10 Ways to Deal with Break- Up

  1. Realise you’re better than him/her

Whether you initiated the breakup or were at a receiving end, never forget that You are amazing in your own special way. Do not let the break up dampen your self-confidence.

  1. Work ‘on’ and ‘for’ yourself

If during this period, you’ve been ignoring your job or studies, get your focus back right now. Work ‘on’ your self-determination, your improvements, your carelessness that have been deviating you from your career until now. Step ahead with more dedication and professionalism for your own success.

  1. Be with your friends (with no discussions about the breakup)

Crying and discussing your breakup repetitively for a long time will eventually separate you from even the best friends. Instead, laugh, travel and enjoy with your friends and discuss the good things in life. Spend your time being happy and value the ones you have in your life.

  1. Prepare for your success

No matter how good or bad your relationship was, it was affecting your ambitions to some extent. It’s time to get back on the right track. Set your targets, invest the required time and do the hard work to achieve your goals and prepare for your successful future.

  1. TV shows are a great therapy

Trust us, it works! May it be F.R.I.E.N.D.S or Game of Thrones, spend time watching your kind of genre. The thrill and humour of the TV shows are much more exciting than watching your ex’s pictures and crying over them.

  1. Shed calories, not tears

Too much anger and frustration on him/her. Why not get it out in the gym? Crying and shedding tears is the old-school method. Burning calories, becoming hotter is the new trend. Don’t do it to get your partner back. Do it for the smarter, healthier ‘you’.

  1. Make new friends, not ‘replacement’

Talking to new people, just to fill in the empty space is definitely a wrong move. Masking your pain with another forced relation is not what’s required. You need friends to be happy and not a mere ‘replacement’ for what’s gone. Replacement for the broken relation is only a temporary relief and will eventually leave you with the same pain, again.

  1. Discover your ‘true love’

Now, true love is not about finding the ‘Tinder-love’. But, discovering your inner self. Discover your true talent or passion. What is it that actually makes you happy? Sketching, reading, writing or may it be anything else. That’s what exactly should be the ‘love’ of your life.

After all, broken hearts quite often end up being legends. 😉

  1. Be happy, it’s over!

That stress, possessiveness, restrictions, jealousy, arguments, aren’t you glad they all no longer blow your mind? Be happy, you’ve come out of a relationship that was hampering with your peaceful life. Say hello to the new happy life!

  1. Crying is the last resort

In the end, don’t forget to cry-it-out if the emotions are too much heavy on your heart. Crying will release your grief and will help you move forward with more strength and power. However, remember, it’s the last thing you should do, aforementioned 9 points should be the priority.

Final Upshots:

  1. You have separated with him/her, not with yourself.
  2. Nothing and no one is worth your self-destruction.
  3. Be happy, for your own good.

Remember, you’re enough for yourself.