10 tips for fabulous Maternity photos from your Maternity Photography

Maternity Photography – 10 tips for fabulous Maternity photos from your Maternity photo session.

Prepare for the Maternity photography and make the baby bump look beautiful.

Yes you are pregnant and the whole world of yours has changed. Right from your waking up patterns to your off to bed sleep deprivation patterns. Everyone around you is dumping you up with suggestion, ideas, self experiences, and cautions. With these entire information overloads we at Impressions Live would suggest you to TAKE A BREAK and come out in your most fabulous self and go for a relaxing Materninty Photography. Look best and feel all the more best. Just because you have a baby bump doesn’t mean you need to hide it from the world to prevent bad eyes and stay under layers of clothes. We are here to help you with few tips so that you look your best during your pregnancy and especially for your most awaited pregnancy photography.

  1. Pick the right time. Schedule the session while in sixth or eighth month of pregnancy. The belly will have a lovely, full shape. See yourself in the mirror and plan for the maternity photography. You can start capturing photos from the beginning month of your pregnancy.
  2. Photoshoot scheduled between weeks 31 and 36 also gives plenty of time to order additional maternity photos.
  3. Bring the ultrasound image with you. Special picture of mama and baby before its birth would create a special thrill. You use props like balloons, slate and pencil, placards, baby dress, mittens and booties, books, diaper bags, toys, sign boards etc. Talk to us to get more ideas about props.
  4. The maternity session could include the father and the siblings to reflect your beautiful growing family. Also, grandparents, friends and pets if they hold a very close bond with you.
  5. Showing a bare tummy can be tricky. To show the bare tummy, wear clothes that are loose-fitting will help you avoid elastic/clothing marks on body.
  6. To avoid any glare, apply lotion at least an hour before the session to avoid the shiny belly-look.
  7. If showing bare skin, try to de-tan a day before and moisturize knees and elbows.
  8. Hands and legs are important too! Get a manicure, pedicure or a light polish for a more finished look in a close-up of your hands around your belly or legs upright. We can help you get right make-up artist or stylist based on your requirements.
  9. Feel free to bring your own props too. This makes the photos look unique and personal. Browse through DIY websites, Google, Pinterest to make your own props.
  10. Share your concepts, ideas and reference photos with our Maternity Photographer before the maternity photography to understand your likes and shoot or come up with amazing conceptual Maternity Photographs.


Now that we have revealed the secret of looking fabulous and feeling awesome we request you ladies to come out of that nutshell and come out bold and beautiful.  You certainly are worth looking not less than the pregnant celebrities. You are beautiful with that precious nature’s gift. And get our experts to bring out the best in you in your Maternity photography session.