10 reasons why people fall in love

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There are many reasons to fall in love, in-fact falling in love is actually the best feeling in the world. But do you know it is not just a romantic gesture or chemistry? It has a science involved in it too.

You just don’t fall in love with anybody and everybody. There are several factors which a kind forces you to do so. Below are the few reasons why people fall in love –

10 Reasons Why People Fall in Love

  1. Hormones make you fall in love

Okay, this may sound funny but it’s true. Blame your adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin. Otherwise, heartbeats getting faster, sweating when he/she is around, can’t be a casual thing. Love does have science behind it (besides only good chemistry).

  1. They are just like you

When you find a person with similar interests and nature, you tend to get attracted towards them. Similarities may be in beliefs, a way of thinking, perspective and so on. Alike minds have so much in common and quite often are driven towards each other.

  1. They are like the opposite sex parent

You tend to get attracted towards somebody whom you can relate to. Though it’s not usual when it happens, things do fall in the right place. A girl when finds a guy who is just like her father, she easily gets mesmerized by him. The same goes for a guy when he is with a girl who is similar to his mother.

  1. Reciprocate liking

When one feels the love from the other person, he/she slowly begins to develop similar feelings for them. The care and concern of the other person hold quite an impact on one’s feeling. This may be not true always but most of the times their liking for you does increase your attraction towards them.

  1. A good eye contact

 Amidst the crowd, one may spontaneously have an eye contact with an unknown person. Both of them may then feel a strong chemistry between them.  Sometimes eyes can do more than that flirty conservation.

  1. They are driven by the interests

We always tend to gravitate towards a person who has a similar mindset like us. But, “opposites attract” is another universal phenomenon. One may like books while other might be an adventurous soul. Love and chemistry still might develop, to balance each other’s odds and expand their horizons.

  1. Isolation calls for it

Spending too much time alone, no one to share the thoughts with, basically an isolated life. Such blank spaces are often filled in with love. Two isolated souls bond with each other and unite for life.

  1. Social influences

May it be an office, school or college, quite often two individuals are linked up by people around. The continuous teasing and hearing their name all the time end up putting some thoughts in your mind. The more they know each other, they sense attraction towards each other.

  1. Their physical attributes

May it be the way they laugh or smell or just how good looking they are. Physical attributes play a significant role in arousing feelings for the other. In fact, some people often have a mystery surrounding them. They are hard to predict or be judged. This strangeness can also contribute to passion towards them.

  1. It’s meant to be

Love is a part of destiny. One cannot run away from it. It might come in your life and leave you with utmost happiness or sorrow. Destiny has a role to play in it. Things are meant to happen the way they do.


Remember, these 10 reasons are experienced only when we have found our Mr/Mrs. Right. They may not be the perfect ones, but they are right for you. Just go with the flow and if next time you feel falling for someone just remember the science behind it.

Article Author : Sagrika Mehta