We all have many people in our life who are important to us. We love them, admire them, and sometimes, they become our role model. For instance, for every child, their parents are the most important for them and for every parent, their children are their lives. Likewise, you can also say that for a couple, they give importance to each other. For some, they give more importance to their friends and other relatives.

From the birth till death, we met at least millions of people in our life. We connect little bonds with them. Firstly, the bond with our parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, friends, then colleagues, office workers, life partner, and lastly our children and grandchildren. Sometimes we can also make bonds with any random guys. However, the question still remains the same. Who should be the most important person in your life? Okay. It’s YOU.

One can only love others when they love themselves. While it sounds quite selfish, but it’s true. There is an amazing line here, “When you are in sorrow, the whole world feels like drown in sorrow. However, when you are in a happy state of mind, the whole world seems like cherishing and rejoicing every single moment of our life.

No one cares for you, unless you care for yourself. We all live in a modern world, we all are social, we care about our image in a society. We had already developed a strong character of ours in the mind of others. However, in this process, we are slowly forgetting ourselves. Remember, a child isn’t  going to be happy, if you give them a big black Mercedes as a present. How could he be happy when he don’t have license to drive a big car and the fact that he’s too small to drive it. But, if you give him a small remote control car, he has the better use of it. This isn’t a very big deal. The main sense behind this fact is that you have to enjoy every little thing and that happiness are in these big and little things. And, this is what makes our life so beautiful. You have to never forget your inner child-like nature and that you need to be pampered and loved, not by everyone but from yourself too. Only you can make yourself ready for every new day. Only when you love yourself and cherish yourself, then the whole world loves you and cherishes you.

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