It is believed that both pain and pleasure help in releasing out the endomorphins, a morphine like chemical that is being created within the body. And when you learn to mix up pain with pleasure while having rough sex, you will then be able to experience more of feel good kind of sensation instantly. Given here are the 10 different kinds of rough sex that you can try and use on bed while being with your lover.

Nibbling and biting:

Using your teeth is actually one of the best ways of bringing out an animal inside you. So, bite your partner hard and not that hard that you actually draw out blood from your partners body. Also try and focus on the erogenous zones like the neck, breasts, the belly inner thighs, and around the elbows and ankles.

Claw your lover:

In order to do this, you will actually have to scratch with your fingernails. Running out a painful line over your partners body with your finger nails will actually send a sexy rush that will cause him a pain too. But when you are on a sexual high all that pain will actually turn on a sexual Adrenalin.

Pulling each other’s hair:

You need to grab a handful of your lovers’ hair just above the scalp at the back of the head, and then immediately tugging at it. You will never ever lose the grip, and yet the pain will make you feel pleasurable when you hold your lover by the lower ends of the hair.


Forcing your partner to perform some of the sexual acts can actually turn out to work quite well, only if both of you continue to enjoy the submissive and dominant kind of roles. Have your partner’s head facing down towards you. Even better holding your lover by neck or hands and ordering them to do things being on bed.

Scream and yelling:

I am sure that not all of us are sexual lovers. And when you get roughed up and shed out your vocal inhibitions you will actually begin to feel more relaxed and carefree making you really feel much wilder.

Abusive words:

I am sure that you might have come across the lines say my name or call me a bitch.  Lovers even today love getting called with some thrashy kinds of names and bad abuses. And if your lover is being called as a whore then go ahead and get indulged in them.

Tie your lover up:

You will actually have to tie up your lover hands and legs and then firmly catch their hands. This helplessness of the entire situation can turn you on. Because one of you will be in the complete control of the other one. You can even use cuffs instead of ropes.

Aggressive Moments:

Pound on each other like there is no tomorrow. After all it is these aggressive moments that will turn both you and your partner on, just as long as you can hold on long enough. Remember that you will be dealing with a fragile body parts as well so do make sure that you don’t get carried away and pushed too deep or too hard.

The Burning Slap:

While planning to have rough sex don’t forget to slap each other’s face. Or say the chest. And if you are standing behind your partner who is actually on all the fours, slap them back. Or hit them on their butt. The searing pain will then bring out the animal in your lover.

Toys and Gags:

Toys and gags are not something that are fainthearted. But if you really wish to take that road into rough sex. Then  BDSM is one of the best ways you can actually go ahead with.

To Conclude, Rough sex is the same way as it sounds to be. So remember that you are dealing with a very sensitive parts of the body while playing in the hay. After all there is a saying. Never do any such thing that you will later be unable to explain it to anyone.

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