Toxic relationships are the types of relationship I’m which a person keeps on belittling the other person and make them feel or believe that they are worthless beings in the world. These people are commonly known as narcissists. Or, in other sense, they must be dealing with any sort of mental disease, or simply they are already hurt being in a relationship and now didn’t believe in a healthy relationship. These kinds of toxic people are all around you, they may be in open or behind a smiling face. So, the question is how to deal with them. These types of toxic relationships not only occurs between couples but also between best friends, office colleagues and in your family too.

However, these cases most frequently occurs between couples. They began to complain to each other. And, the largest part of the impact of this toxicity in a relationship  is burdened by a woman. This tolls greatly on the physical and mental health of theirs and subconsciously leads to aggressiveness and cases of domestic violence. So, women, what to do and how to deal with your partner’s narcissism or overly toxic attitude?

Firstly, listen to them. Listening is most important in a relationship. Converse with them. Nothing is going to be wrong when you and your partner shares the best part of conversation. Get the best out of them. If you understand your partner more than they themselves. Then, try to bring the most perfect being out of them. Try not to angry them. These types of people when angry lost their emotional and mental balance. So, you must keep a check on that. Last but not the least, give them their natural space. We all need space in our lives. And, people like narcissists need a hell lot of space, time and effort. They may be physically fine but are mentally not good in shape. And that is what you can do to cure them.

Relationships are important in life. However, if they go against your expectations and you are still dragging them with all your effort, then just leave it. This only shows that you are alone in making compromises and not your partner and not only that also they don’t even care what are you going through. This will only make you suffer more. So, leave it all and care for yourself more. Don’t forget that even with or without you, all will keep going. Don’t be distressed by the comments of your nearby people. Their lives are theirs and yours is yours. Go with the flow of the world and discover yourself.

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