Online weddings have been around for a while now, but now the global pandemic scare has led to it finding more prominence. Virtual weddings are the perfect solution for the tech-savvy generation. It helps you to celebrate one of life’s significant milestones while ensuring no one misses out.

Though there has been a new spurt of interest in virtual weddings recently, virtual weddings and e-weddings currently are different. In a virtual wedding, all participants, i.e., the bride, groom, and officials, are connected via an online call.

But the pandemic has developed a new sort of wedding ceremony. In this, the participants conduct the ceremony and share the joyful moment with friends and family via video calling services. While it may break many hearts, it is the need of the hour. Let’s look at some of the reasons why E-wedding is needed.

Need of E-wedding or Online Weddings or Virtual Weddings

Coronavirus poses a threat that humans haven’t faced in a long while. The sheer scale of lives that it is taking is scary. This has made it essential that we adopt measures to contain the spread of this virus. Social distancing is a crucial component of our strategy towards containing this virus.

To contain the spread of Corona, which has already affected about a million lives across the globe, we must adapt to the changing present-day scenario. This has made us look for various measures that can help in controlling this deadly virus.

E-weddings comes as one such measure. Considering that many people come in contact with one another during a wedding, some restrictions needed to be imposed on weddings. While some countries banned wedding ceremonies for a specific duration, other countries like India restricted the number of guests. Adapting to this requirement, E-wedding has come as a unique solution.

Benefits of E-wedding or Online Weddings or Virtual Weddings

E-weddings have come as a blessing in disguise for us. There are many benefits which these E-weddings have brought to the table. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

•          Conform to social distancing

COVID-19 lifestyle is the new normal. It is important that we adhere to social distancing norms for our benefit. While the threat of community spread continuously looms over our heads, E-weddings are what we need today. After all, we cannot stop marrying forever.

•          Connect with everybody

There are many reasons why someone is not able to make it to your wedding. Whether it be because of job or business, non-availability of tickets, or simply because of Coronavirus, using video calling and streaming services helps you reach a greater audience. Having an e-wedding ensures that even those friends and relatives who live miles away can take part in your happiness.

          Helps you save money

Well, feeding fifty mouths are cheaper than feeding a hundred. E-weddings have come as a blessing in a disguise for many. It enables you to save on many costs, like accommodation expenses, food expenses, etc.

•          Prevents environment pollution and degradation

It is a known fact that there is a massive wastage of food during weddings. Also, to have a large gathering, you need to make use of many resources like electricity and fuel, to name a few. E-weddings help reduce the amount of pressure that weddings put on the environment.

•          Hassle-free organization

While there are event and wedding planners that help us organize a wedding, the strain exerted and the efforts needed are considerable. When you plan an E-wedding, things are comparatively a lot easier.

•          Shopping

If you are the bridegroom and reading this blog, you’ll agree that shopping can be time-consuming and need a lot of effort. Shopping can be dangerous in the times where COVID-19 is so rampant if done without proper precautions. At the same time, it is perfectly safe to shop at a safe & right place like Phoenix Marketcity, Bangalore. Phoenix mall is the ideal shopping place when you are in Bangalore. It is primarily because these malls are taking all the precautionary measures, and the crowd is minimal. But plenty said about that, E-weddings still helps you prevent many extended shopping sprees.

Are E-weddings or Online Weddings or Virtual Weddings are the new normal?

The cure for COVID-19 is still unknown. While many scientists and researchers are trying to develop these, nobody knows when the treatment will be developed. Understanding that this pandemic can go on for years, which we hope it doesn’t, E-weddings are the new normal for now.

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