Most women who even today continue to identify their sexual orientation as heterosexual feel like they are never straight all the time. Sometimes they find that they even have interest in women other than the men. And we cannot blame them for this right. Plus, even our genitals turn out to be more like flowers rather than the sad sea creatures. And when you are new in giving sexual pleasures to the female rather than yourself, it is extremely helpful when you get some ideas, tips and tricks, from an old pro lesbian sex. Given below are some of the six major ideas, tips and tricks that you can try and use in order to please your partner on the bed. Let’s have a look at them below.

Practice makes you perfect:

You have the perfect tested tummy. And remember it’s you yourself. You cannot go down on yourself of course but can at least manually explore the various toys.

Never be intimidated:

Remember that she is the same autonomy as you do. Though it’s completely not a foreign territory and if you have ever masturbated before then I am sure that you are already a pro in it. Confidence is sexy and if she wishes to intimidate you and you really wish to take charge then just fake it till you actually make it. So, try and search for some of the erogenous zones and the chances are that you will find here’s too.

Finding out what she likes:

This is the most important thing that you need to remember ladies. It is actually the tell tail signs that will help you understand what your partner likes and dislikes. Sexual responsiveness cannot indicate how wet she is. As each and every one has a different kind of a body. So, try and listen to her breathing sound.

Making use of your hands whenever it is required:

Before you actually get into the process, and you decide to begin feeling your things out with your tongue, I am sure that you might wish to explore her body with your hands. You can tangle your partner’s hair using your hands, lightly scratch your skin using your nails, and remember that you don’t rush.

Begin by being really very slowly:

Anticipation actually turns out to make things really better. So, when the things turn out to be really very hot and heavy. Make sure that you don’t rush through those moments. When you begin slowly and lightly you actually begin the arousal among the women. This will then in turn make her feel that you are appreciating her body. Rather than just trying to get into some business.

By making use of the above-mentioned tips and tricks, and then combining them with the knowledge that you have will not just make your partner enjoy but even will make her less stressful.

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