9 body language tips to attract and make people stay with you

For me being attractive is not about the looks. But it is about the person’s entire vibe, are they interested and do they make me laugh or are they of the same kind? A huge part of finally figuring this outcome down with what the other person has been communicating through the body language.

Now I don’t mean that you can actually figure out each and everything about the other person by the way they do or till they don’t tilt the head. All that I am saying here is that open and a friendly language, make a huge difference in terms of how comfortable I feel when I am knowing someone and figuring the similar values that we actually get to share with each other.

And because most of us are aware of the fact that how much body language can attract us from repelling me, or getting to know others we do try and be conscious of our body language. In short, the body language is believed to be the key who wish to know me to be it through a date, a job interview or at a networking event.

  1. Smile but not right away:

    A video for business insider recommends smiling but not instantly. Wait unless and until you have actually had time to register the other person’s face and then the smile. This makes it feel like especially for them and who does not like that.

  2. Making an eye contact but not overdoing that:

    Most of us are always told that good eye contact is the key to positive social interaction. But studies have shown this to be a bit extreme. According to a study conducted by the journal of psychological science has showed that though a certain amount of eye contact is really believed to be good, having too much of it can actually lead you with opposite kind of an effect. Say for example looking at people’s noses is actually believed to be a super doper helpful tips for dates. And this is something that makes you feel engaged and not intense.

  3. Mimic:

    In a study conducted by the social psychological bulletin said that mimicking the person we are trying to talk to can actually increase your attractiveness. So, the next time you are in conversation with someone you are really into, then try and pay attention to their body language and respond with a similar gesture or posture.

  4. Avoid Fidgeting:

    This is one among the personal tip that has come after a decade, and after meeting individuals during the networking functions or at the work events. If a person is constantly moving during the conversation, I get the impression either they are really nervous or they wish to be somewhere else. Nothing actually makes it easy for you to know them so if you are among those who tend to be a fidgetier then try talking from a state of stillness the next time you actually meet people.

  5. Try not crossing your arms or legs:

    In the piece of Inc., the author and management expert Peter Economy said that avoid having your arms and legs crossed while you are having a conversation with the new people. Doing this makes others feel that you are closed off or on the defensive which might actually make others deter from approaching.

  6. Acting Like They are the most interesting person in the room:

    This is another personal tip that I have picked up from years of talking to the other individuals and observing the other in social situations. If you continue to treat people in the way like they are the most interesting person in the room, they instantly feel good about your interactions and would continue to spend more time with you. This helps you maintain a really good eye contact with them.

  7. Keeping your feet pointed toward your conversation partner:

    According to a study conducted by the behavioral specialists Vanessa Van Edwards in the piece for the Science of people, keeping your toes pointed towards the various objects of your interest instantly cues them in the fact that you are actually interested in listening to them and are happy being engaged. All these tiny little moments can instantly make you seem more open for that specific moment.

So what other body language tips do you feel will continue making people to stick around you. Have any of the above mentioned worked out for you? If yes how has your experience turn out to be? What other tips would you suggest your colleagues and friends around you? Leave your comments below.

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